5 Reasons Why You Need a Slim Wallet

The wallet is one of the everyday essentials that everyone has, the only thing is some of us are still using a traditional bulky bi-fold. I already discussed previously how harmful these things can be, but now its time to talk about how awesome it feels to ditch the old wallet and make the switch to a slim wallet. I can't really think of any reason not to have one, but I can come up with 5 awesome reasons why you should.

1. Fits in every pocket

When you own a bulky wallet, you have a tendency to shove everything inside of it, from useless cards to old receipts. You do it until the wallet fills up and its the size of a suitcase.  A slim wallet is smaller, so you only carry the essentials, and since you're carrying less you can actually keep the wallet in any pocket without leaving a bulge.

slim wallet pocket

2. Easy access

I still see it from time to time, someone with a bulky wallet standing at the checkout trying to find there money. I would hate to be in that position getting the "death stare" from everyone else waiting.  Well guess what, with a slim wallet you get quick and easy access to whatever you need. No more wasting time looking through your wallet for cash or cards.

wallet quick access

3. Bye, bye, back pain

Yes, the rumors are true. Bulky wallets can cause serious back problems such as pelvic tilt and sciatica.  If left untreated it could result in you spending a lot more money on trips to physiotherapist, chiropractor, or possible even operating table. However, there are ways to help prevent  it from ever getting to this point, and that's by getting a slim wallet. The size helps to decrease the strain on the spine caused by the bulky wallets.

wallet back pain

4. Protects cards from damage

With bulky wallets, people have a tendency to shove everything inside of them, and it might not seem like a bad idea, but eventually this accumulates.  Eventually all of the stuff you put inside the wallet starts to damage the cards by scratching, bending, or even breaking them.  With the slim wallet you carry less so you don't have to worry about other items damaging your cards, and some slim wallets have aluminum body's or card ejectors protecting your cards.

caro aluminum wallet

5. Keep safe from pick pockets

If you have a bulky wallet you're pretty much telling all of the thieves and pick pockets where you keep it. Its not hard to find, seeing as you have a massive bulge somewhere on your body (most likely your back pocket). With a slim wallet you have no bulge, and its size allows you to put it in any pocket making you less of a target for pick pockets.

pickpocket bulky wallet


And there you have it, those are 5 awesome reasons to make the switch to a slim wallet.  I made the switch a long time ago myself and I haven't looked back even once.  If you're looking to make the switch as well then I highly recommend checking out our amazing collection of wallets.