Sling Bag or Backpack: Which is better?

So you're on the hunt for the perfect bag or maybe your bored and looking around, either way you want to know, whats better? sling bags or backpacks. This is the question that has plagued scholars for centuries and yet we still do not have an answer...or do we.  I think it is about time we take a deep dive and try to get to the bottom of this debate once and for all.

What is the difference between a backpack and a sling bag?

A backpack is a bag carried on the back with straps that go over your shoulders. However, to accommodate more stuff and distribute the weight of the luggage, most backpacks also come with extra features such as padded belts that wrap around the front of your waist or even better, the front of your hip bones.

backpack sling bag

Sling bags on the other hand are bags worn over one shoulder and across the body. A sling bag is designed to carry less weight, and usually carry smaller items than a backpack. The size falls in the middle between a backpack and a shoulder bag, with a better and more comfortable carry that a shoulder bag.

What should I use for a hike?

Well that all depends on the type of hiking you're doing. I'm an avid hiker myself and so I am always juggling between bags depending on the amount of time I'm spending. If you're going for a full day hike or a multi day hike, then you're definitely looking at a backpack cause you need the essentials in order to survive.  However, if you're going for a smaller hiker or day trip somewhere, the sling bag is a very convenient bag to have. Alternatively, you can also carry the sling bag in addition to your bigger backpack in case you want quick access to some items.

Kemu V.2 Sling Bag

What if I'm commuting to work?

If you're the type of person that needs to carry a laptop, charger, books, lunch, etc, then your best bet would be to use backpack. You'll need the space and two straps in order to carry all of the items and distribute the weight equally between the shoulders.  However, if all you need to do is bring some items, like an iPad, book, keys, wallet, phone, etc., then the sling bag is the way to go. Sling bags are designed to carry multiple small items so this would be the perfect commute back if you only need to carry some stuff.

Bando Sling Bag

What about day trips or traveling?

I used to be someone that would always bring a backpack with them while traveling or going on day trips, but I started using the sling bag and it was just as comfortable if not more. The backpack gives you a lot of space, and so there is a tendency to fill it up with stuff, a lot of which we typically won't use. Where as a sling bag, forces you to only carry smaller items and so you are more likely to take stuff that you will use. Plus the sling bag designs make it way more convenient to access those items and easier to swivel it to the front so they never leave your sight.

Miyo Sling Bang

And the winner is....

Both of them are. In all honesty, it depends on the situation, because backpacks are convenient and give you tons of options, where as sling bags are a lot more stylish and switch the focus from taking everything, to taking only what you need, and this can be a good thing. If you're looking for a convenient carry for your daily essentials, then I highly recommend picking up a sling bag. Check out our exclusive sling bag collection at Debeau.